At Express Rental, we provide rental service for homeowners, contractors, businesses, and governments. We strive to have the highest quality, newest, and easiest to use rental equipment. Most importantly, we want our rental products to be used in a safe and responsible manner. 

Express Rental has been in business since 1991. We rent tools, trucks, trailers, party, and wedding equipment.

We were proud to have been members of the American Rental Association.

Our satisfied customers say:

  • Great location!
  • Very clean interior and exterior!
  • Equipment in top shape!
  • Newest equipment in the area!
  • Knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly employees!
  • Fair and reasonable prices!

Donald Hager, the owner, has been in the rental business for over 25 years. He values the small town concept of personal relationships and trust. Mr. Hager can safely say, “been there, done that”, in solving most rental problems.

Location & Hours

Express Rental

1945 W. Houghton Lake Drive
Prudenville, Michigan 48651
Telephone: (989) 366-8714 ~ Fax: (989) 366-5951
E-Mail:  xrental@yahoo.com

Business Hours:  Monday – Friday 8 am. – 4 pm.
Saturday 8 am. – 12 pm.
Sunday by appointments only

Express Rental